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Thomas Scott, Chief Strategy Officer

Thomas brings experience working in Aerospace NPI and Engineering Services. He was the Pilot Team Leader for Spirit AeroSystems on the A320neo spending half a year inside Airbus M01 (Toulouse, France). Prior to that role he was the Engineering Representative to the Spirit General Counsel. His first role at Spirit was Propulsion Analysis, Propulsion Development, and New Business Manager.  After Spirit, Thomas joined Goodrich (UTAS) overseeing the aerodynamics for 9 concurrent nacelle programs and building a high performance offshore team in India. His next role at CDI Aerospace resulted in an 18% increase in profitability and a 40 point increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Thomas graduated with distinction from the Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Program in 2013. His Aerospace Engineering degrees are from Missouri-Rolla (MS&T) PhD 1999, BS 1994 and from Stanford MS 1995.


Jason Adkins, Chief Operation Officer

Jason started machining metal at the age of 14. He brings a grass roots understanding of what it takes to make good parts. Others recognized Jason's talent and gave him the opportunity to show what he could do. At ADEX he consistently achieved many productivity and quality process improvements through leadership of Kaizen Lean Manufacturing initiatives, training employees on best practices, and tactical troubleshooting. At Manes Machine and Engineering, Jason was instrumental in improving OTD from 67% to 92% while increasing automation throughout the facility, reducing non-conforming issues, and building a high performing Operations team.  Jason brings great connections among the NoCo Manufacturing community and the equipment manufacturing companies.


Nick Dywan, Engineering Director

Nick is an expert at building engineering teams and delivering manufacturing solutions in the transportation industry. He brings a strong aviation and aerospace background. Moreover, Nick brings experience manufacturing for the rail car industry.


Jim Bird, Supply Chain Manager

Jim has proven success in building and leading multi-million dollar Global Supply Chains as well as creating "right sized solutions" for small privately owned companies. His experience encompasses cross functional management, OEM outsourcing, strategic business planning and improvements in processes. Jim has a BS in Logistics from Trinity College.


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Returning Value for Manufacturing Operations

Owners wanting to increase the profitability of their firms to make them saleable or capable of providing retirement cash flow

Investment Bankers needing to see a strong ROI, a strong team, the ability to grow for an upside, and EBITDA growth supporting an exit

Private equity firms acquiring a company seek to improve operational efficiency and profitability to build value for a future sale

3rd Frontier helps businesses maximize their value. Although the reasons may vary Owners, Private Equity Firms, and Investment Bankers all seek to have the least waste in operations and the best profitability. The 3rd Frontier team focuses on execution and implementation of the best processes on both the manufacturing operations and the business functions. Solutions include manufacturing technologies, dashboards, and "least waste way" operating procedures.

Improving Earnings Quality
Maximizing Profitability

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